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  ART SHOWS schedule

MARCH 1-10, 2019
Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show upper level, booth #3138 downtown.

Nov. 3 & 4, 2018
National Aviary 
Wings & Wildlife Art Show

 Nov. 16-18, 2018 
Gtr. Pittsburgh Arts & Crafts Holiday Spectacular 
( Monreoville Convention Ctr.)

Nov. 27 thru Nov. 29, 2018
US Steel Tower 
Downtown Pittsburgh 
600 Grant St. lower level near food court

A special gift for a couple who cherished their beloved dogs. The setting inspired b photo provided, featuring elements of the actual path in South Park where the dogs loved to explore. A little sign in the distance reads South Park, a cigar painted in foreground on rock, significant for the owners.
Sweet dog Alex, the photo at bottom right was the image that I used to paint the portrait. I donate $50 dollars in pet's name in honor/memory of to a  local animal shelter with every custom pet portrait! 24" x 24"
 24" x 24" created especially for local charity ACAF which cares for animals. In the large  tree I have incorporated two dogs, two cats, a frog and tropical bird. I adorned the piece with vintage jewels, buttons, found objects and swarovski crystals. The painting was sold at the live auction.
watercolor painting of the young heifer # 275, who lives in Avoca, New York. I call this " Not just a Number". I personally think if they need to wear such large tags on their ears, they should add some bling to them! Prints available in my shop:  Maria's Ideas Art on the "Shop for Art" page.
Sweet green eyed kitty, corners embellished with vintage buttons, jewels and crystals. 
18" x 24"
This is sweet Vidalia Onion Baby , a little long haired chihuahua. The corners were embellished with colorful jewels, buttons, crystals, found objects and her dog tag. 24" x 24"
Shop owners cat painted in the mural border in the retail space.
Image of home owner's kitty swatting an actual necklace which hangs on the wall in the master bath.
Sweet Little Joxer. The backgound colors mixed to compliment the home. The photos at bottom left were used to paint this piece. His dog tag and special items were provided by the customer. $50 was donated in his name to a local animal shelter.
Inspired by the beautiful wild horses that roam the beaches in Maryland at the island.
This was a large mural in the great room, the home owner's 3 dogs were painted in the scene.
This is Joey, his owner wanted a bright colorful painting for her dining room. $50 was donated in his memory to a local animal shelter.
I painted this tree and a garden wall in the dinig room. This is one of the home owner's cats.
Fun, fantasy playroom included home owner's kitty on the rail overlooking the ocean.
This large pot and arrangement was painted up high in a vaulted celing area of the master bath. The home owner's two cats were included. I also painted additional vines in other areas.
Shop owner's cat painted within the border painted in the retail space.
This oriental inspired room featured the painted stone wall, I added their cat resting on the wall.
This is Lily, a show dog, featured holding a sign for the playroom at a local funeral home.
Child's pet dog with his favorite tennis ball was painted in the corner of the room where I also painted other walls.
large topiary painted in vibrant painted pot and the home owner's little white dog next to the pot.
Girl's garden inspired bedroom included the trellis where I added her two pet dogs.
Soft green nursery painted with the large tree in the corner. Their pet dog painted peeking from behind the tree.
Sweet yellow nursery with tree, flowers, bird's nest and pet dog under the tree.
This Boxer, Lucy was adorned with vintage buttons, paper flowers, and crystals. It was sold at a local fundraiser for ACAF.
"Tiger Eyes" inspired by a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo! 24" x 24" on canvas. Adorned with vintage watch parts, jewelry and buttons and Swarovski crystals. Currently not for sale.
Fun garden bedroom with large tree in the corner behind the bed. The home owner's cat was added relaxing in the tree.
Homeowner's sweet dog painted on the path in the rural farm scene.
Homeowner's own horse was painted in the mural of the farm scene
A sweet portrait of a dog lucky to have been rescued and given a new life!
a sign made for the garden, a favorite spot for this sweet little dog, a sign created in memory of him.

Custom, Colorful & Unique Pet Portraits 

 Your beloved friend's image becomes a wonderful masterpiece to cherish forever!

Do you have an idea? Do you have an image waiting in your camera?
    Order Information below

Pet Portrait Details:

I creatively combine my passion for painting, treasure hunting, recycling, repurposing along with appreciation for vintage and found objects- and sparkly things! Once the pet comes to life on the canvas it seems to direct me as to which way it should be embellished 
with the unique items that seamlessly become part of the one of a kind piece. Many customers provide special mementos, jewelry, buttons, tags etc. to be added to their painting making it truly special for you. Tradional portraits are also available per request,these paintings would not include added embellishments. I can create preferred background.

The portraits are painted with high quality professional acrylics, on professional gallery wrapped canvas which eliminates the need for a frame, unless preferred. The art is continued around the sides. Preferred sizes to work with are 24" x 24" and 24" x 20" each with 1.5" profile. Other sizes may be available.


EMAIL or CALL with order information and to get estimate. Minimum price for a portrait is $250

YOU need to provide photos of your pet at several angles. It is very important to provide the angle that you want painted.For example: if you want your pet lying, standing, sitting...take a picture of your pet in that position. The quality of the photo is also very important. Because the subject is not with me during its creation the lighting, shadows and details in each photo will be what I will refer to as I paint.

Take the photo in a well lit area. Outdoors, especially on a bright overcast day, or sunlit area in your home works well. Try to capture the pet's natural coloring and expression that you wish to convey through the artwork. Keeping your pet calm, happy and having fun will make it easy to capture the perfect shot.

Also including a detailed , clear image of their EYES is very helpful- painting their eyes accurately captures your pet's personality and soul!

Photos on disk saved as jpeg image 150-300 dpi is best. Image can also be emailed to me, but, good  photos or disk mailed seems to be best. It can be mailed to my public studio that I share with my artist husband Johno, the address below.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for completed portrait once I receive deposit and photos.
 Local customers can save S&H by picking up the finished piece at the studio.Shipping and Handling charges will be calculated added to all orders that are to be shipped.

Mailing addess and location of public studio:

Maria's Ideas
 Johno's ART Studio  
 1705 Arlington Ave. 
  Pittsburgh, PA 15210

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